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Obtaining a Vision
for the Corridor


The Florida Corridor Plan is the Cortana Corridor Economic District's first priority project since its formation.

The Cortana Corridor Economic Development District (CCEDD) is administered by Build Baton Rouge and is governed by a five-member board of directors. The District was created to leverage investments surrounding the Amazon Fulfillment Center and to provide projects that enhance the district for the surrounding communities and to attract and retain jobs.

The CCEDD and Build Baton Rouge is the funder of the corridor plan.

This Corridor Plan is part of a larger, coordinated focus on the Florida Corridor of which the City-Parish and Build Baton Rouge are just two of many institutional partners. The effort envisions a comprehensive and vibrant revitalization of the Corridor that prioritizes land uses, transportation infrastructure, and urban design that will attract and retain targeted amenities and employers, while incentivizing housing needed to accommodate both natural growth, as well as any population and demographic changes anticipated due to disaster- or climate-related relocation. This plan is proposed to address decades of decline with a renewed vision and actionable steps for implementation and funding.

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Analyzing Graphs


35 sq mi

Study Area




Distinct neighborhoods

border the corridor


"Florida Boulevard
is often viewed as a dividing line between the Baton Rouge community, but it can and should be the uniting line."

Adam Knapp, former BRAC President and CEO

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